and soon there will be ...

Sets! That's right! What could be more exciting than an entire set of 'antler girl,' or some more moth-eyed mavens to complete one curious collection. Perfect for gifts or to send to a certain someone...



Welcome to Jackie's Ghost! We are a fab foursome who love all things crafty, kitschy and downright amazing. We make cards using a special transfer process and layering with delectable old paper from wherever we can find it.

We just recently started selling our cards at Frosty Darling, which if you are in the area I suggest you check out. If you aren't in the area-I also suggest checking out Frosty Darling. If you need more enticing, last time I was there I saw a portrait of Bob Barker (complete with skinny microphone) waiting to be snatched up.

We will keep you updated on our shop happenings-we hope to be selling our cards at other fine boutiques so check back to find out where we will be next!