pdx + us

As was mentioned, we have broadened Jackie's Ghosts horizons and are now selling our cards in a few shops in Portland. If you find yourself in that fine city, mozy up to Mississippi Ave and check out Porch Light. Aside from now carrying a few of our creations the shop also features fine paper goods, amazing antiques, (one cabinet in particular that I wished I could somehow "Merlin" into my suitcase) and other old-timey delights.

Memento is the other shop which is currently selling our goods. If you are in the market for a unique gift or are looking for a card that really packs a punch, this shop is a must.

(Roses on the sewer drain?! What a fine town indeed!)


sallying forth

Pack 'em up and ship 'em out! Many of our cards headed out to Portland a couple of weeks ago - and others will soon find their way to Santa Fe. We are excited about the expansion and expect to craft our hearts out to keep it up!


fox chase

When our Matt is not hard at work making cards he follow the wild escapades of one particular fox and his squirrelly little friend. enjoy!