let's get together

Don't these collections just send your mind reeling?

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birds of a feather

If our cards were a music video.....



heavens to etsy...

Good News! We have opened an Etsy Shop. What does this mean? Well, it means that these precious little one-of-a-kind cards can be in your hands in no time at all. So if you aren't of the local species just hop on to the shop, pick your favorites, and we'll get them to your doorstep. Here is also a sneak peek at some fresh cards we created. We were really visiting the idea of animal heads which if you really stop to think about it... Amazing!


more cards in more places...

Look for us now at an eclectic little consignment shop in Sugarhouse. If you haven't been to abode, we highly suggest you check it out. I don't think i have ever left that place without some amazing little treasure tucked under my arm...